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Exposing Abuse Online


InView helps women and LGBTQ+ stay safe online.

The Idea

InView is a web site that helps people identify whether people they meet on online dating platforms, such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish, have been accused of abusive behavior. Although we anticipate a primary user base of women and LGBTQ+, anyone is able to use the service, free of charge, to either report abusive behavior or search reports other users have made.

A Message from Our Founder

How It Works

  • Users Report Abuse

    Users who have experienced abusive behavior can create reports, adding a description of what happened as well as profile photos, any information they know about the perpetrator, and optionally, corroborating evidence like screenshots of messages. Reports can be made anonymously to protect survivors.

  • Users Search Reports

    When a user is considering meeting someone they matched with online, they can search reports using the person's profile information. Image and facial recognition technology make it possible to search reports using nothing but profile pictures. This way, abusers can't hide behind the anonymity of online platforms.

  • User Data Is Protected

    InView collects as little user data as possible to protect survivors' privacy while also ensuring the security of our platform from cyber attacks. User data is shared with external parties on a limited and strictly opt-in basis. Users who do not opt in are always given a way to take advantage of the site's full functionality. Examples of places where data might get shared is if we build a "login with" feature, also known as "Oauth" service. Rest assured we take security and privacy seriously and will never share the names of our users or data outside of what is required for the service to work, unless legally required to do so. For this reason we don't ask for real names when making accounts, and instead are dedicated to building secure ways to maintain the integrity of each report without needing personal data.

  • Be Part of Our Story!

    InView needs your help to launch! If you are an engineer or designer, we welcome volunteer support! Please read on to learn more about our stack and the tools we use. Otherwise, consider becoming a patron of the project on Patreon. Donations are gratefully accepted but are not required to be a patron!

Our Stack

If you're an engineer interested in helping with the project, here are some things to know! Since the project is just getting started, we're still making changes to our toolsets, but here are the basics. Our repositories are hosted on GitHub and tests are run prior to merging new code with Travis CI. Trello is our project management tool of choice; all contributors will need a free account to join our boards. We use Slack for team communication, with occasional meetings located in Portland, OR, USA. (Meetings can be attended remotely for those who are interested and not in Portland.) Because of the security threats facing InView, we highly suggest interested engineers sign up for the free month of Secure Code Warrior training in Ruby.

For more information on our process, please fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!


  • Ruby 2.5
  • Rails 5.2
  • PostgreSQL

Front End

  • ES6
  • React.js
  • npm
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Mobile App & Login Service

  • iOS native
  • Android native
  • Signal protocol

Infrastructure and Security

Will be updated as we acquire funding.

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS/S3
  • GDPR Rails

Our Team

Thank you to our fantastic community contributors!

Dana Scheider

Project Lead (She/Her)

CG Acharjya

Security Lead (They/Them)

In addition to our lead engineers, we are very grateful to our community contributors for their hard work and dedication to making the world a safer place for women and LGBTQ+!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enquiring minds want to know!

The InView site is currently in development and not yet deployed. Please become a patron on Patreon to follow our blog for updates!
For security reasons and to protect the identities of contributors who may not wish to be publicly associated with the project, our GitHub repositories and Slack workspace are private. If you're interested in contributing, you can contact us using the form below and we'll get you all set up!
There are two basic ways you can help the project at this point. The first is by making a financial contribution through Patreon. These contributions help us cover the basic expenses of running the project. We are hoping to eventually get enough contributions to allow our leads to work on the project full time.

If you're not able to contribute financially, you can still help! Becoming a patron on Patreon does not require a donation but does raise our profile on the site and provide social proof to encourage other people to contribute.
According to law enforcement sources, intimate partner violence is both underreported and has one of the lowest rates of false reporting of any type of crime. Researchers and law enforcement sources have repeatedly reported that an overwhelming majority of reports of this type of abuse are true, even if unsubstantiated.

Limiting false reports of abuse is a priority for InView both because of the impact on the lives of those falsely accused and because of concerns for the usefulness of our platform. For that reason, InView will have a robust appeals process for fraudulent reports. Furthermore, InView doesn't make legal judgments; the presence of a report on the site only means an accusation has been made, not that the person is guilty. We recognize and accept that many of the reports on our site will not be able to be definitively proven.

Managing false reports is a challenging issue. A more rigorous appeals process means it's more likely that an actual abuser can get a report taken down; by contrast, a more lenient one makes it more likely that a report on an innocent person remains. For that reason, it is necessary to strike a balance between these extremes. Because of the profound impact of abuse on individuals, families, and communities, InView's policy is to err on the side of believing accusers.

InView is careful to abide by laws and statutes in the jurisdictions where the service operates, including GDPR and other laws limiting individuals' visibility online.
We want to make sure to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us with anything you need.


We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has offered their time, talents, and services to InView!

Get Involved

Anyone can help us get InView off the ground!

Become a Patron

You don't have to make a donation to become a patron on Patreon. This helps us in a number of ways.

  • Makes InView easier to find on the Patreon site
  • Encourages others to become patrons as well
  • Legitimizes the project to encourage others to donate

Make a Financial Contribution

Those who are able are encouraged to make a financial contribution. Your contribution:

  • Helps us pay for needed services, such as hosting
  • Will eventually allow us to pay key contributors, allowing them to spend more time on the project

Spread the Word

We depend heavily on the community to spread the word about the work we're doing. Your social media follows and shares - as well as good old-fashioned word-of-mouth - are invaluable to us. You can start by following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and encouraging your friends to do so too!


Volunteers keep our work going forward since we're not able to pay our contributors right now. Please contact us if you're available and interested! We're looking for:

  • Programmers (Ruby on Rails, React.js, and native iOS/Android)
  • Sysops and security engineers
  • Product managers and project managers
  • Community outreach
  • Other - let us know what you can do!

We welcome contributors of all skill levels to the project and appreciate any amount of time you're able to spend. More junior contributors will have the opportunity to work closely with senior engineers, including code reviews and pair programming - either in person for those located in Portland, or remotely.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to contribute.

Engineers & Designers

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